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How-To Instructions by PSK Members

Below are articles authored and contributed by members of the PSK.


If you'd like to contribute a 'How-To' article simply contact the webmaster @

No warranty is implied and those using the information provided assue all risk

How To Instructions by Puget Sound Knapper Members


***NEW*** PSK Library - How-To Books and Videos, Knap-in Home Movies

How to Make a Copper Bopper for Percussion Knapping - by Jim Keffer (PSK Webmaster)
How to Make Ishi Sticks and/or Pressure Flakers - by Jim Keffer (PSK Webmaster)
How to Make a Horshoe Nail Notcher - by Jim Keffer (PSK Webmaster)
How To Make a Fluting Jig - by Jim Keffer (PSK Webmaster)
How to Make Pine Pitch Glue - by Jim Keffer (PSK Webmaster)
How to Wire Wrap an Arrowhead Necklace - by Chip Batcheller
How to Make a Slide Hammer - by Jim Keffer (PSK Webmaster)
How to Make a Round Rock Clamp for Slab Saws - by Jim Keffer (PSK Webmaster)
Rock Cutting for Flintknappers 101 - by various PSK Members
Knapping Jigs for the Strength or Dexterity Impaired Knappers
Betty Roberts Knapping Jig
Tim Monson's Lap Table/Knapping Jig
Tony Soares Fluting Jig
Percussion Flint Knapping - by Tom Sterling (with Dr. Joe Higgins)
Working Slabs - by Jim Miller
Making Fluted Points with the Sollberger Jig By Woody Blackwell
Labeling Points in Display Cases
Knapper Bill's Custom Dust Collection System for Flintknappers
Heat Treating Guide w/Temperature/Time/Thickness Table by Jim Miller
PSK Display Case by Jim Keffer and Woody Woodside
Mick Hill's Indoor Knapping Cabinet/Stone Booth

Flint Knapping: Articles, Tips and Tutorials from the Internet

A compilation of How-To instruction brought together by Mike Lynn
from a number of knappers and Internet sources. Re-produced here by permission.
Mike's website is http://flintknappinginfo.webstarts.com/, and you can download
Adobe Acrobat PDF versions of these How-To's from his website. Thanks, Mike!




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