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Links to other Flintknapping web sites:
Projectile Points.Net

Ray Harwood's Flintknapping Blog
California Knappers - Primitive Ways
The Susquehanna Valley Flint Knappers Association, Inc.

PaleoPlanet Flintknapping Forum
Amazing and Informative Articles by Lithics Casting Lab

Harley Slade's Blog

Links to other web related sites:

World Obsidian Source Catalog
The Paleoindian Database of the Americas
 Washington State Dept. of Archaeology & Historic Preservation (search Flintknapping)
American Society for Amateur Archaeology
Kern County Archaeological Society
Buena Vista Museum of Natural History


Interesting Stuff - of Interest to Flintknappers


Interesting Stuff from PSK Members

    *** NEW*** PSK Youtube Channel - Watch and Post Videos about the Puget Sound Knappers!
    *** NEW*** PSK Library - How-To Books and Videos, Knap-in Home Movies
    *** NEW*** For more movies by PSK members just search or "GOOGLE" "Puget Sound Knappers" or "PSK"
     *** NEW*** Flintknapping on the Palouse and the Inland Northwest by Harvey Hughett
     *** NEW*** Idaho Rocks! by Harvey Hughett
     *** NEW*** Ray Harwood - Extreme Notching
     *** NEW*** Jim Miller's Spanish Diggings Quest - September 2016
    Jim Miller's Flint Rockin' In South-Central Texas
    Jim Miller's Big Bend Texas Quarry Trip - February 2012
    Jim Miller's Rockhounding on the Stillwell Ranch Trip, Southwest Texas - February 2012
    Barry Bonnell's Visit to Flintridge, Ohio
    Barry Bonnell's Atlatl from Dan Meatte's Atlatl Workshop

    Flintknapping Vocabulary
    PSK Knap-in Best Practices
    Dr. Stitt's Knife - Restoration Project
    The Last 'SWOOSE' Point
    Pacific Northwest Rock – Photos and information of Knappable Rock that can be found in the PNW.
    Practical Applications of Dekton Artificial Rock for Experimental Archaeology and Traditional Lithic Technology
    Flintknapping Games/Competition

PSK Website Statistics

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Interesting Places

    Public Places - Museums, etc.
    The Real Glass Buttes Knap-in - Video by Oregon Field Guide

    Member Trips and Reports - Knapping/Primitive Skills Related
            *** NEW*** Jim Miller's Spanish Diggins Quest - September 2016
           Jim Miller's Big Bend Texas Quarry Trip - February 2012
           Jim Miller's Rockhounding on the Stillwell Ranch Trip, Southwest Texas - February 2012
           Barry Bonnell's Visit to Flintridge, Ohio
           Brad Baughman' trip to the Jordan Craters Area of Oregon and the Discovery of Brad's Bed Jasper - September 2015
           Barry Bonnell's Atlatl from Dan Meatte's Atlatl Workshop


Articles and Information Relating to Flintknapping

    *** NEW***  The Really Big Database of Projectile Point Images by Richard M. (Mike) Steele

    Flintknapping: Articles, Tips and Tutorials from the Internet - compiled and editied by Mike Lynn.

    Gerzean Knife - The Original FOG

    Ohio Public Library - 'What 's the Point - Identifying Flint Artifacts '

    The following articles, uploaded with the generous permission of the the Author, David Heath.
        David Heath's DAH Standardized Method for Point Grading
        David Heath's - Columbia River Artifacts Volume 2
        David Heath's - Shoto Clay Wares from the Lake River Ceramic Horizon of Southwest Washington State, Pipes

    Flintknapping and Silicosis

    Flintknapping and Stone Tools in Oregon - Oregon Archaeological Society (by permission)

    Stone Tool Technologies of South Puget Sound - Powerpoint by Scott S. Williams, Archaeologist - WSDOT

Rules, Regulations and Guidelines:

    Archeological Protection Act of 1979 (rev)
    BLM Rock Collecting Guide For Montana and the Dakotas
    BLM Rock Collecting Guide For Idaho
    BLM Rock Collecting Guide For Washington and Oregon
    BLM Glass Buttes Handout April 2009 *Glass Buttes Specific!*
    Rock Collecting - Suggestions and Links to Regulations
    Do I Need A Permit For BLM Land Use?
    BLM Special Recreation Application and Permit
    US Forest Service Regulations and Infomation courtesy of Joseph Wernex

Patch Exchange - Flintknappers, Bowmen and Paleo Arts Associations

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