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2019 Winter Break/Cabin Fever Knap-in Report, Granite Falls, WA
February 2th
Hosts - Dave Pheling and Jim Dennis

The 2019 Winter Break/Cabin Fever Knap-in was just the panacea for the gray, wet and dreary western Washington Winter! Host Jim Dennis and co-host Dave Pehling provided a shop warmed by a wood stove, hot coffee, tea and chocolate, plus plenty of breakfast snacks - just the ticket to get another great little knap-in off on the right foot.

Mick Hill provided some really interesting "Show and Tell" items. He'd found some of the most outrageous obsidian formations most, if not all of us, had ever seen. In addition to the weird obsidian, Mick brough some large (over 20" long, 6" high and 1" thick) slabs of obsidian that had been cut from a large boulder using a Water Jet!

Jim Smith provided the Entertainment Highlights by winning the 2" Goat Competition for the Umpteenth time! But he did so in FINE FASHION. Given the rock with only 2-1/4" of length (thanks to fine knapping by Jim Keffer), Smith was able to execute an almost UNBELEIVABLE overshot flake of 2-1/8" while leaving a rock of less than 2"! I saw almost unbelievable because if there weren't a dozen witnesses, none of us would have believed it possible!

Host Jim Dennis once again provided a great entrée for lunch, Chili with chicken and potatoes. The rest of the gang provided all the extras!

So once again this oldest of the PSK knap-ins and the first of the 2019 Calendar year, kick of the Knapping Season in fine Fashion! Many thanks to Hosts Dave Pehling and Jim Dennis


Mick and Holly Hill Joe Greenwell and Bettye Hensel
Joe Higgins Jim and Beverly Keffer
Mick Hill Jim Miller
Tom Appelhan Phil Kirshner
Jim Smith Bob Bower
Bart Finkbinder Rick Russell

Co-Host Jim Dennis on the Right

Joe Higgins and Jim Dennis

Rich Russell, Joe Greenwell, Bart Finkbinder and Jim Keffer

Jim Miller and Tom Appelhans

Jim Smith (napping), Jim Dennis (studying Jim's Technique, Mick Hill and Bart Finkbinder

Mick's Weird Obsidian

Mick's Weird Obsidian Close-up

Mick's Water-Jet Cut Large Slab

Mick's Water-Jet Cut Large Slab 2

2" Goat - Dave Pehling, Rich Russell and Joe Greenwell

"Big" Joe's Turn

Mick gest the Goat Rock from Joe Higgins

And the Winner - Jim Smith!

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