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2015 Tri-Cities Knap-in Report
Hosts Marvin Barger and Frank Omstead
May 23 - 25, 2015 - Richland, WA
Write-up by Marvin Barger and Jim Keffer


From Marvin: Friday evening turned out to be a night of remembrance for Beverly Keffer  as we had a first class fireworks display presented by GOD. We had a typical Oklahoma lightning and rain downpour to welcome them to town. 

We couldn't have asked for better weather for our two day gathering for the week-end.

As usual we did not have a large crowd, but those that attended had a good time and they were all very interested in the presentation especially from Jim Keffer.  We had several children who tried their hand at making arrowheads, and all received an arrowhead made by Jim during his demonstrations.  Many adults took a very active part in making, or trying to make both arrowheads and spear points.  There were a few that stayed the full time to get tips and information. 

From Jim: With the passing of Tri-Cities Knap-in host Greg Greger (March 6, 2015) , the hosting duties fell to Octogenarian Marvin Barger and Nonagenarian Frank Omstead, both energetic PSK members! Their hospitality and generosity is second to none and their passion for the ancient art of flintknapping is inspiring! Although small in size, this knap-in epitomizes the purpose of the PSK - 'To Promote Flintknapping'. For two full days Marvin, Frank and the other PSK attendees demonstrated and taught flintknapping to young and old alike, inspiring a number of wanna-bes to join the community of knappers.

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