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2015 Sammamish Knap-in Report

Hosts Jim and Bevery Keffer

August 28th - September 1st

This year's Sammamish Knap-in, while a little wet, was nevertheless a great success. The rain didn't prevent a good turnout and the Keffer's shop provided adequate space for flintknapping and several other activities. Some of the attendees still had projects from the Ft Knapadonia knap-in to finish including Didgeridoo making, and PVC pipe bows. A couple additional activities - arrow making and a Flemish bow string demo were also part of the mix. But mostly it was Flintknapping that occupied everyone over the three days.

Photos courtesy of Joan Urata, Henry Payne and Jim Keffer

Knappers Family, Neighbors and Friends, Campground, Shop,


The Potluck meals actually started a couple of days before the Knap-in's official start. Richard and Joan Urata, who came all the way from Montana, prepared Richards specialty Shoyu Chicken for the entree and Payne's and Keffer's provided the side dishes. ThBQ Ribs and pulled pork sandwiches and Sunday brunch was egg and sausage casserole!

BBQ Ribs and Pulled Pork plus all the trimmings!

Sunday Brunch - Beverly's Egg and Sausage Casserole!


Flintknappers and Flintknapping


Joe Higgins with the Community Point he started

Close-up of the Community Point

Woody Woodside

Rich Russell

(left to right) Rich Russell, Mick Hill, Dave Rauschenberg

(left to right) Phil S. Kirschner and Tom Appenhans

(left to right) Levi and Noah

PVC Bows w/Nick Tomihama

Between the Ft Knapadonia and Sammamish Knap-ins Nick helped make over 30 PVC pipe bows! The new bowyers/archers ranged in age from 4 to 73! And everyone had a blast shooting them!

Neighbor friend Joel Dauterman and Nick

Rosalie Payne and Nick

Rich Russell, Richard Urata and Nick


Mick Hill working on his Didgeridoo in the shop's 2nd floor wordshop


Some of Henry Paynes new arrows

OogaBooga Sweat Lodge - by Jim Keffer

This year's Knap-in featured the first ever 'OggaBoog Sweat Lodge'.  Inspired by a visit to a traditional 'sweat' hosted by some member of the Yakama Nation, I built this portable lodge using PVC pipe and parts from a 'Craigslist free Kid's Geodesic Climbing Dome. It is covered/insulated with layers of silver tarps, disaster blankets, moving blankets and painter's drop cloths. The steam is generated by sprinkling water over fire heated rocks. The rocks are contained in a semi-truck wheel that was buried in the ground and an expanded metal grill added to contain any rock shrapnel.

Only the bravest of OggaBooga Braves, Mick Hill, Rich Russell and Jim Keffer, ventured into the steaming darkness. And they did it twice! What a terrific experience! You can bet this portable sweat lodge will be at the next Glass Buttes Knap-in~


Here is the frame - the original connecting rods were made of steel and 25% shorter than the PVC pipe they wre replace with. The additional length of the PVC pipes doubled the size of the lodge which could accomodate up to 10 people.

Completed Lodge- it takes about 45 minutes to assemble and cover the lodge. The frame, connectors, nuts and bolts can be transported in a 20"x 20" x 34" box, the tarps, blankets, etc, require about a 6'x 6'x 4' space (1/3 pick-up truck bed or large trunk).

Joe Greenwell (forground) and Barry Bonnell checking out the lodge

Waiting for the second round of hot rocks!

Barry Bonnell transporting the very hot rocks to the lodge with a pitchfork

OogaBooga Braves in swimsuits w/no shirts - (left to right) Mick Hill, Rich Russell and Jim Keffer. Onlookers from left to right - Nick Tomihama's sister-in-law, Christina (with cold shower wand), Barry Bonnell, Nick. Nick eventually got up enough courage to try out the sweatlodge!

Emergency Repair

Mick Hill's trailer hitch suffered a broken sway bar just as he and Holly were leaving.  Not to worry, host Jim Keffer and Barry Bonnell got out the MIG welder and Oxy/Acetylene torch and went to work (with Nick Tomihama watching).  An hour later the sway bar was good as new!


Holly didn;t mind the wait - spent a few more minutes with the gals!

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