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2015 Millersylvania Knap-in Report

Hosts Mick and Holly Hill

October 31st and November 1st

Arlene Wernex and Beverly Keffer doin their thing!

Host Holly Hill and Son

Happy B-Day Mick!

Eddi Baird

Ron Folty and Henry Payne posing for a picture - Suzy Allely photographer.

Doug "Gray" Greaves, Steve Allely, Scott Cannaday, & Jim Keffer admire Steve's arrows

Eddi, Arlene and Holly

Dave Rauschenberg boppin' for Henry Payne

Jim Miller & Steve Allely entertaining random guests

Steve Allely down to the details

Jim Keffer & Mick Hill check Noobie Phil Baggette's technique

Joe Greenwell knappin old school in the 2" Goat competition

Jim Miller confers with the Dale Baird, Steve Allely being watch by anoterh member of the public.

Henry Payne crafting a masterpiece

Jim Smith, Dale Baird, Joe Greenwell, and host Mick Hill

Jim Keffer workin' high grade rock - aka 2" Goat rock

Busy knappers all around

Henry confirs with Scott Cannaday while knappers make little ones out of big ones

Brad Baughman with a man sized hammer stone



Turkey Dinner

Master turkey fryer Jim Keffer drops one in the oil

Jim explains the art of turkey frying to Dick Kocan

Mamma Holly consoles nearly drowned Jim Smith, it was raining buckets that day

Arlene Wernex stumps Jim Keffer?

Riley Hayes' sweatshirt

Beverly Keffer checkin' Jim's work

Jim and guest discuss the awesome Seahawks

Laura Kocan and Holly Hill

Holly preparing for dinner

Jim Keffer and Dick Kocan

Taste Test - Jim & Dick... YUM!

Jim Smith diggin'in

Clean plates all around!

Rosalie Payne and Laura Kocan


Knives by Woody Woodside

Arrows by Steve Allely


Gathered around the fire


Jim and Joe hold court

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