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2015 Fort Knapadonia Knap-in Report

August 17th - 23rd

Hosts - Joe and Sunny Higgins

(photos courtesy of Janet Tipping, Barry Bonnell, Jim Keffer, Joan Urata, Hentry Payne)

WOW! What a knap-in! From Great knapping to Didgeridoo making classes, this one had it all! Always a great knap-in, this one was in a class by itself! Attendance at the 2015 Ft Knapadonia Knap-in was the largest ever. And there were more activities than ever before!

Activities included classes in basket making, Didgeridoo making, PVC pipe bows, atlatls (wood and PVC), boomerangs, friction fire and wire wrapping. There was salmon fishing as well!

Located on the northern tip of Whicbey Island, WA, Ft Knapadonia is also just north of Naval Air Station Whidbey, home to the Navy and Marine Corps EF-18 Growler and P-3 Orions.

It also see a lot of traffic from other aircraft.

EF-18 Growler at Sunset

C-17 Globemaster visiting

Flintknapping and flintknappers

The Salmon Fishing

Bill Rudolph

Richard Urata

Dave Rauschenberg

Jim Smith 1603


Rosalie and Henry Payne

'Master' Fisherman Dick Dickensen

PSK webmaster Jim Keffer - Skunked again!

Joan Urata

Dave Rauschenberg - Finally!

Richard Urata, Jim Smith, Dave Rauschenberg and host Joe Higgins

Basket Class - Instructor Mary Alice Sterling

Vallie Eichstedt and Mary Alice

Mary Alice and co-host Sunny Higgins

Wire Wrapping - Instructor Chip Batchellor

Wood Atlatls and Boomerangs- Instructor Barry Bonnell

All-Star PSK member Barry Bonnell hit two grand slams with his outstanding Boomerang and Atlatl classes.

Kids of all ages made Boomerangs on Tuesday and Atlatls on Thursday and the air above the archery course was filled with both the rest of the week!

Nicholas Tomihama took a break from teaching PVC pipe bow making to make an atlatl.

Black Locus, Luna Scrap leather, sinew and bone.

Nicholas working on atlatl darts. Note all the scrap leather - generously donated by Luna Sandals of Seattle.
This leather was used for bow grips, flintknapping hand pads, atlatl grips and knife sheaf covers. Thanks again LUNA!

Bettye Hensel with her atlatl. We celebrated Bettye's 80th birthday earlier this year - being a member of the PSK is good for you!

Carolyn Wattenbargerwith her new atlatl.

Bill and Eva Rudolph new atlatl

Instructor Barry Bonnell (far right) with bommerang students Bob Bower (left) and Dick Dickensen (center).

More Atlatls - this time out of PVC with Nick Tomihama.

Chip and Nick.


Richard Urata blew everyone away with his Didgeridoo classes! All told 15 Didgeridoos were made and Richard and Stu Murdock put on a clinic on how to play the instrumeny. In addition to passing along his talent for making Didgeridoos, Richard is a keystone of the PSK - Council of Elder member, Host of the Bitterroot Valley knap-in and former editor of SPALLS. He make replica Native American pipes (see his art gallery) and he's a pretty good knapper to boot! ;-)

Richard with Jim Keffer - working on first Didgeridoo

Host Joe Higgins and Kathy Woodside comparing notes

Jack Locke

Kathy Woodside

Split and Scraped Agave Stalk

These things are long!

Richard trims a stalk

Richard and student Kathy Woodside

Richard teaching Kathy's sister

Richard and Kathy splitting a stalk at the bandsaw

Half way through

Dave Rauschenberg workin it!


Woody Woodside

Beautiful work!

The master with his progeny...

Mick Hill works the draw knife

Mick And Richard

Two Beauties!

Joe Greenwell at work, or is this play?

Bill scraping out the innards

Valli Eichstedt and Cheryl Hughett apply the finish

Stu teaching noob didgeridooers

Cheryl Hughett

This is not a Riccola commercial!

Stu Murdock Didgeridoo Solo

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