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2015  Elk River Knap-in Report 

Hosts Ray Alt and George Bryce

June 6th and 7th

Yellowstone Gate Way Museum, host of the 2015 Elk River Knap-in

PSK Knappers and Guests

Hosts Ray Alt (foreground) and George Bryce (background) teaching some of the youngsters the Ancient Art of Flintknapping

George explaining some of the finer 'points' of knapping

Long time member and Council Elder Joe Greenwell

A variety of Paleo skills were demonstrated and hands-on learning was the rule of the day

Making a self-bow using a traditional shaving horse

Fire making with bow drill


Tools of the trade


Plant fiber cordage class

More knapping instruction

2" Goat Game and Demo!

The Gals - where would we be without them! (left to right) Joan Urata, Bettye Hensel, Harriet Alt

Future members of the Women's Flintknapping Hall of Fame?!?!

More instructiona; aids/displays

text pending

All P.S.K. knappers, friends, local knappers and participants:

The 2015 Spring Elk River Knap-in at the Yellowstone Gateway Museum went very well this year. We had less hard core knappers but the general public was well represented. We had many returning youngsters looking for help in the difficult skills of flint-knapping. Richard and Joan Urata and Don Safford came over early to help George and I. I was coming down with a nasty cold so their help was sure welcomed and I thank them.

The Elk River Knap-in has gone on for 4 years now with enthusiasm and success from participants of all ages. I have taken many people under my wing, teaching and sharing my time, in hopes they would be interested enough to keep future knap-ins going for the best interest of the knappers and the general public. It sure is more fun to be a knapper on the sidelines, but someone needs to take the lead to keep the activity going and address the necessary issues. Hope there are some future takers out there.

Knap-ins are fun and informative for all of us but there comes a time that I, Ray Alt, co-host of the Elk River Knap-in, needs to recognize the time to step down and pass it on to other interested, motivated or younger individuals. My remaining years I hope to be one of the many participants at knap-ins, helping out where I can.

The Yellowstone Gateway Museum has been a great asset for the Elk River Knap-ins. Without the Museum, the Elk River Knap-in would not have been possible. My place of residence is just not big enough to accommodate such an event and, yes, there has been liability issues. Iím sure the knap-ins at the Museum has helped the local general public to see more of archaeology. Should the Museum continue a opening gathering, I will support our craft for them as much as possible.

As in all knap-ins, funding to cover expenses is always an issue.  Without the very generous donations from the knappers for the auction,we would be funding more than we can afford. The Museum that hosts the location for the Elk River knappers, along with the other activities, does a great job of advertising. Our auction fund was able to give the Museum one hundred dollars again this year to help out on their advertising costs. They also, most likely, donate over their expenses.

It is in hopes I have enough years left to be one of the knappers as a participant at future knap-ins and can support their event as much as possible. For our local hard core knappers, you are always welcome to drop by my place of residence. It is always fun and less stressful to set down with one or two knappers and enjoy the craft of flint-knapping.

Thanks for the past times,

Ray Alt


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