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2015 Cabelas Lacey Store Knap-in Report

Host - Mick Hill
February 28th - March 1st

The annual knap-in at Cabelas' Lacey Washington store is nothing short of amazing.  To say Cabelas draws a large crowd would be a gross understatement.  Ironically, the PSK Flintknapping Event attracts even more people to the mix - even though Cabelas doesn't sell flintknapping supplies!  Thanks to Cabelas Event calendar and the local newspapers, the Tacoma Tribune and the Olympian, who feature the event in their respective Calendar sections, many people came to see the PSK in actions and many stay to try their hand at flintknapping!

Donn Paris passing along the Ancient Art

Lots of interest and lots of public participation!

More than a dozen PSK members spent the weekend demonstrating and teaching flintknapping!

From Noobie to instructor in just two years - Riley Hayes!

Checking out the Goods!

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