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2014 3rd Annual North Columbia Knap-in Report

Hosted by Patrick Farneman

(write-up Jim Keffer, photos by Ray Harwood, )

This was my first trip to beautiful Kettle Falls for the North Columbia Knap-in.  And the 8 hour drive was well worth it!

Situated just a few hundred yards from the 130 mile long Lake Roosevelt in a stand of large Ponderosa pine trees, this knap-in is an  idyllic location.  And the weather was perfect - mid-70s during the day, cool at night.

This is one of the newest PSK knap-ins and has brought in quite a few new knappers from the northeast corner of Washington as well as western Idaho.   Many of them I hadn't met before but am very glad I did!  

And like all PSK knap-ins there was a mixture of experience knappers and novices.  And in spite of its relative remoteness, a fair number of outright 'noobies' who came to experience flintknapping for the first time.  I'm sure, based on the efforts of the PSK members who instructed them in the ancient art, that they'll be back for more!  

Like all PSK knap-ins, the North Columbia Knap-in exhibited a strong sense of community - communal meals, generous donations, and very welcoming atmosphere.   This was especially evident in the warm welcome that new PSK member/California Transplant Ray Harwood  received. 

Start of the day - early riser preparing breakfast

More early risers

Some of the  Knappers

Knappers Jim Keffer and new PSK member Ray Harwood

Knappers at night

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