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2014 Montana Spring Knap-in Report

(photos pending - in the meantime check out Joan Urata's photos here:  Joan's Spring Knap-in photos)


Another year behind us on helping the knappers and the community getting a better understanding of what flint-knapping is all about.  We had better weather but fewer knappers at the event this year. (about a dozen or so)

Don Safford came all the way from Hot Springs to demonstrate the Alatl and donated his artistic work to the auction. He also contributed to the expense of the pizza for Saturday evening for the out of town guests.  Rich and Joan Urata and John and Erick Pearson made the drive from Hamilton for help and support.  Brian Rayner and his son Ben came from Great Falls had had some great rope baskets.  Jack Reynolds from Helena was very popular in demonstrating his talent for making cordage.  Many thanks to Jack for taking time out from knapping to show his other skills.  Barb Gunness did spinning of wool and Chris Newhouse did the fire starting again. The 4H shooting club provided food for the Saturday knap-in.Museum staff, Karen Reinhardt, demonstrated basket weaving. 

George and I did not give out free hats  this year to knappers but most likely could or should have. (darn). The auction did well enough to have supported this gesture  It's always good to give the knappers a memory that they don't have to pay for.

Again, as in the past, we did okay on our expenses thanks to the auction and those who donated to it and to the generosity of the bidders.  The Museum had other crafts for the general public adding to the attraction.  We were able to give the Museum a hundred dollars from our small profit margin.  It's nice of them to allow us to have our event there and it helps support the Museum and community. 

Thanks to the  Museum, donors, and people who bid on the items.

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