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2014 Millersylvania Knap-in Report

by Jim Keffer

What a great way to end the 2014 Knapping year.  This year's Millersylvania 'Turkeyfest' Knap-in will be remembered as one of the best - and that's saying a lot as this was the 18th annual knap-in hosted by Mick and Holly Hill!  In fact there was an overflow crowd with knappers spilling outside to knap on a tarp!

As usual there were a lot of outstanding knappers including the host, Mick Hill, Jim Miller, Dave Rauschenberg, Dana Anderson and Webb Hammond - all of whom donated points to the Kabuli Syndrome Fundraiser Display Case (see......).  They, along with a number of other PSK members also provided free instruction to the noobies that attended - and there were quite a few!

There were many highlights at this year's knap-in including a 2" Goat competition with about 16 competitors (won by yours truly ).  But the real highlight was Holly's potluck Turkey Dinner feature a couple of oven-roasted turkeys, one deep fried turkey, fresh cranberry sauce, roasted baby heirloom potatoes, giblet gravy. green bean casserole, breads, squash, cakes, pies, sticky buns, cinnamon rolls, etc., etc.!

Half the fun is getting there - the 'Kitchen', a large covered building with a huge fireplace and three wood cookstoves, is tucked away in a what appears to be secluded area of Millersylvania State Park.  This 'Kitchen' is only 50 or so yards from a beautiful lake (called Deep Lake) and surrounded by dense old-growth forest with an abundance of mushrooms! We even met a bunch of mycologist out hunting mushrooms!

The 'Kitchen' - the Day Before

The Way In



Flintknapping - Inside

Henry Payne & Mike Nesbitt


Scott Cannaday

Barry Rogers

Donn Paris and Jim Keffer (teaching noobie) with Woody Woodside in the background

Webb Hammond (right side) and friend

The overflow - Outside Knapping

Dana Anderson & Jim 'Goldpoint' Miller


The Better Halves!

Beverly and Rosalie

Kathy Woodside - stirring the pot 

Turkey Dinner Again  

Deep Fried Turkey - a mere compliment to the great Roasted Turkey(s) by host Holly Hill


Jim 'Goldpoint' Miller

Some of the Attendees

Mick and Holly Hill Joe Greenwell and Bettye Hensel
Barry and Karen Rogers

Jim and Beverly Keffer

Woody and Kathy Woodside Jim Miller
Bronson Gomez* Don and Carol Wattenbarger
Brian James Bert Tredway
Jerry and Teresa Gray Mike Nesbitt
Donn Paris Dale Boyd
Donald Kerr* Scott Canady
Ron Folty David Tuthill*
Steve Meyer* Jim Smith
Dick and Laura Kocan Dana and Faaea Anderson
Henry and Rosalie Payne Janell Rodriguez
Dale and Eddie Baird Dave Rauschenberg
Richard Schnieder Riley Hayes

*New PSK Member

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