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2014 Goldendale Knap-in Report


A slight change in location didn't deter the Goldendale Knap-in regulars and Brian, Pony and Cody were great hosts! The weather was great, going from 87ºF on Thursday to a mild 75 the rest of the weekend!  The nights were perfect - cool and calm!

We had several noobies show up and get a chance to take lessons from Master Knapper Jim Miller!  This is getting to be the norm at PSK events - more and more people getting into flintknapping with our community!

This was very much a typical PSK knap-in - plenty of rock, lots of knapping and free instruction, very competitive games, a terrific auction, and a fine Potluck Dinner!

Winner 2" Goat - Mike Tari (runners-up - too many to name!)

Winner Percussion Only 10 Speed - Mick Hill (runner-up Jim Keffer)

Winner Community Point Raffle - Bill McClure (after he finally discovered he held the winning ticket )


The Knappers

Brian Fletcher, 'Pony' and Cody (hosts) Ed and Loretta Thomas
Knapper Bill and Judy Thomas

Warren 'Smitty' and Joyce Smith

Mick and Holly Hill

Jim and Beverly Keffer

Bill and Billy McClure Riley Hayes
Jim Smith Jim Miller
Frank and Mary Lou Omstead Marvin Barger and Denise
Joe and Arlene Wernex Mike Tari
Rod Kiser Dan and Donna West
Brad Baughman Stu Murdock
Jack Fee

Noobie 'Cody'

The Games - 2" Goat

Mike Tari (center w/vest) - 2014 Winner Goldendale Knap-in 2" Goat Competition

Bill McClure - Community Point Raffle Winner

(left to right) Jim Miller, Jack Fee, Jim Smith and Mick Hill - checking out the art displays

Some of the Ladies

Potluck Again!

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