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2014 Ft Knapadonia Knap-in Report

by Jim Keffer
Photos by Bettye Hensel, Joan Urata and Henry Payne

There is so much to say about the annual Ft Knapadonia knap-in I usually don’t get around to it until many weeks after the event!  And then I just end up repeating all the great things that went on during the week – just like Ft Knapadonia knap-in before!

Joe and Sunny Higgins are always great hosts and are equally dedicated to the Puget Sound Knappers!  And what really makes this knap-ins one of the truly great knap-ins anywhere in the U.S. is the consistency – it consistently draws a large crowd including some of the best knappers anywhere and it consistently draws a large number of newbies who, like always get free instruction from PSK members.  There is always free rock, great food, and  great camaraderie!  Even the weather is consistently great.

And even in an ‘off year’, a year when the salmon don’t run along the shore, there is always plenty do to – from flintknapping to archery, forging to atlatls, beadwork to rag-rugging,  something for everyone, young or old, male or female, flintknappers or not.


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