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2014 Ft Knapaodnia First Drum Class Report

At the April 23rd weekly Ft Knapadonia Knap-in it was rawhide that was flying around - not rock flakes!  We had a drum making class coordinated by Jim and Beverly Keffer and Woody Woodside.  Woody provided a dozen Native American style 15" drums in kit form he'd purchase from Centralia Hide and Fur (plug - great kits!),  Host Joe Higgins soaked the rawhide overnight so that we could get started first thing in the morning.  In little over 4 hours we made ten beautiful drums - six from elk rawhide and four from deer rawhide.

Three weeks later those we again met a the weekly knap-in and this time we took an hour off from knapping to get some lessons in synchronized drumming by former music director Terry Grove with input from former orchestra percussionist Blaine Kuykendall.  By the August annual Fort Knapadonia Knap-in we should be more than ready to perform at the OogaBooga initiation ceremony!

(left to right David Hopwood - headband, Jim Keffer, Dick Dickensen, Joe Higgins, Jim Smith and Jack Locke)

Jim Keffer assisting Eli's wife in marking the lacing holes, Jim Smith stretching the rawhide

Terry Groves and Dick Dickensen in a coordinated lacing effort

Terry Grove smoothing out the wrinkles

Jim Smith pulling the lacing tight

Chip Batchellor punching holes for the lacing

Jamet Tipping putting the finishing touches on her drum

Beverly Keffer assisting Janet with the 'tuck and roll'

Beverly, Janet and Jim

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