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2014 Bellevue Home School Demo Report
by Jim Keffer - photos by Barry Bonnell

On October 6th 2014, PSK members Jim Keffer and Barry Bonnell we're invited to give a demonstration and lecture on flintknapping to a dozen 'Home Schoolers' as part of their Paleo-History studies.  

This demo/lecture was scheduled just three days after the Open Windows School Demo and I didn't even unload my truck!  In fact, after working with Joe 'Doc' Higgins and several other PSK members to demonstrate flintknapping at various schools I've come up with a checklist that will become part of the Events section.

As with private schools the students in the 'Home School' class were enthusiastic and highly motivated!

We started out with a discussion on safety demonstrating the extreme sharpness of obsidian and other knappable rock.  Then everyone donned a pair of safety glasses!

Next we looked at flintknapping tools - some traditional (Abo), hammerstone, antler billets, antler tines and bone punches/flakers, and some modern (copper boppers, pressure flakers and Ishi stick. 

Following the tools the students were treated to displays of some of the best the PSK has to offer - points by Steve Allely, Joe Higgins, Dave Rauschenberg, Jim Miller, Jim Hopper, Grady Bowen, Harry Oda - just to name a few! 

Then we moved on to look (and touch) at a variety of knappable rock- everything from obsidian of various colors to Flintridge flint to Scandinavian flint and much more.

After looking at tools and rock we moved to a demo.  The basics of percussion knapping were discussion and demonstrated with the end result a pretty decent 4" bi-face from Midnight Lace Obsidian.

Finally everyone that wanted to, and that was most of the students and some of the parents, got to do a little hands-on work.  Just about every student that tried to make a point eventually ended up with one !

And is spite of being a 'PSK Noobie', Barry jumped right in and was more than up to the task of passing along what he'd learned from PSK members over the last few months.  Barry will be - no Barry is, an outstanding addition to our group - a born teacher!

Here some of the photos taken by none other than PSK member Barry Bonnell!


Tools - 'Abo' and Modern

Knappable Rock

Display points of various style and rock

The Demo (and the students, parents and teacher(s))





Hands ON!




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