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2014 Tri-Cities Knap-in Report

The 3rd Annual Tri-Cities Knap-in was held Memorial Day weekend at Amon Park in Richland, WA.  Host's Greg Greger and co-host Frank Omstead and Marvin Barger efforts to put on a great little knap-in were rewarded with the highest turnout to date.  Not only did a good number of local knappers attend, but the public participation kept most of the PSK members busy with demos and instruction.

That's the great thing about having a knap-in in a large city park on a long spring weekend known for its fabulous weather - people get out and look for cool things to do or see - and a lot of folks, both young and old, found PSK flintknappers to be 'very cool' to quote one youngster!

Photos courtesy of Mary Lou and Frank Omstead

Lot's of help setting up

Ready to Knap!

Host Greg Greger, age 91, still going strong and passing along his extensive knowledge of the ancient art of flintknapping. Greg has been teaching others to flintknap for more than 40 years.

Host Greg Greger - Center w/Hat

Lot's of interest by the younger generation as well!

'Noobie' Theresa - a very intense student and very quick learner. Following about a 30 minute demo and lesson from PSK member Jim Keffer, Theresa was able to make not one but two nice bi-faces!

A break from knapping - Jack Fee demonstrates firestarting with hand drill. A little air assist from Keight Rosenbaum and voila' - fire!

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