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2014 Winter Break/Cabin Fever Knap-inReport

January 25th

Granite Falls, WA

Hosts Dave Pehling and Jim Dennis

Starting the 2014 Knapping Year the Right Way!
Hosts Dave and Jim set the table (literally)for first PSK knap-in of 2014.
Given the weather in the Pacific Northwest, this is one of the 'Indoor Knap-ins'.
Jim moved out his classic '68 302 Mustang to make room, fired up the wood stove and plugged in the crockpot of wild-game chili.
That was all that was needed for members of the PSK to spend the day knapping!
We had a good turnout - a bunch of the 'old-timers' plus some of the newest PSK members. As always there was plenty of rock and free instruction.
We even had time for a little competition in the form of a 2" Goat contest - won by Jim Smith - again!



Dave Pehling Jim Dennis
Jim and Beverly Keffer Joe and Sunny Higgins
Joe Greenwell and Bettye Hensel

Mick and Holly Hill

Jim Smith Jim Miller
Bob Bower Dick Dickensen
Nizan Maor

Tom Appelhans

Phil Kirschner Ken Graham
Karen Keith Jeremy Cobb
Steve Nicolini Craig Oda
Matt DeJong Oscar Pena

(seated left to right) Matt DeJong, Karen Keith, Jim Miller, Joe Greenwell, Craig Oda, Ken Graham, Bob Bower, Doc Higgins, Jim Keffer

(seated left to right) Bob Bower, Doc Higgins, Jim Keffer, Steve Nicolini, Jeremy Van Cobb, Matt DeJong (standing)

(foreground left to right) Phil Kirschner, Tom Appelhans, Ken Graham (standing),Mick Hill, Dave Pehling>

(left to right) Dave Pehling, Matt DeJong, Karen Keith, Jim Miller, Craig Oda, Bob Bower

(seated left to right) Bob Bower, Michele Maor, Oscar Pena, Doc Higgins, Nizan Maor

The Ladies (left to right) Bettye Hensel, Holly Hill, Sunny Higgins, Beverly Keffer

Matt DeJong getting some tips from Bob Bower

(seated left to right) Jim Keffer (barely in pic), Steve Nicolini, Dick Dickensen, Jeremy Cobb
( (standing left to right) Hosts Jim Dennis and Deve Pehling


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