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2014 Dog Valley Knap-in Report

(not a PSK event but usually well attended by PSK members)

text and photos by Jim Keffer

Although this was my first time at the Dog Valley Knap-in, it won't be my last!  I'd heard about this knap-in first from my friend Bo Earls and them from several PSK members who attended the knap-in in 2012 and 2013.  It was all they said it would be and more!  I met some really great knappers, all the folks I met were very friendly  and gracious.  The Hosts , Newt Woodward, his dad Dick and mother Belinda were very hospitable.  I was so busy meeting the many knappers that I was only able to get a couple of photos of the group and that was taken early Saturday morning before most knappers arrived.  Hopefully I'll get some of the knappers who attended to send me some of their photos.  And I hope to get a list of this in attendance - remembering names is not my strong suit!

I also took some photos of art by Newt, Dick and my friend Jim Hopper.  Great stuff so visit their art galleries to see their latest!

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