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The Puget Sound Knappers Association (PSK)

The PSK is an association of people who enjoy the Ancient Art of Flintknapping.  With a membership of over 500 knappers, the PSK hosts a number of major events or 'Knap-ins' a year.  We also participate in a number of other events and activities such as Boy Scouts, various Rock Club Shows, School and Museum Demonstrations, Pagan Gatherings and others. 

The purpose of the PSK and this website is to promote Flintknapping.  To learn more about us please visit our 'About Us' page and the rest of the website!

Late Breaking News (Very Sad News - Legendary Knapper Greg Greger - Oldest Active PSK Knapper, passed away on March 5th 2015 at the age of 92)

Current Issue of SPALLS - The Official Newsletter of the PSK!

***NEW*** PSK Flintknapping Library

PSK Point Display Project

Patches ARE BACK!  I just ordered 200 to arrive mid-November! click here for more info.

Window Decals are in! 
(click link above)

As of April 10, 2014 this website has had over 90,000 unique visitors with 4.4 million hits  from 157 different countries.  If you visit us and are interested in flintknapping,  send us an email. We'd enjoy sharing our interest in the ancient art of flintknapping with you. You can contact us through our Webmaster at


The Puget Sound Knappers reach a new MILESTONE  546 active members - and we've gone INTERNATIONAL with Five International members.  Over 120 members have been initiated into the Ear of Corn Society 

 Ooga Booga !

Special Notice to PSK Members - A new way to locate flintknappers as well as make your location known to other flintknappers.  Michael Miller, a flintknapper from Louisville, OH has created a collaborative map for flintknappers.  With a free Google account you can 'pin' your location on the map and provide other information you feel is appropriate. 

If you wish to add to this map and need assistance feel free to contact the PSK webmaster at

Go here to see the map:

Flintknapper Map

(Plus 50 inactive  members whose contact information is out of date.  Help is needed to located these knappers - go to the 'Missing Knappers in the About Us' section for a list of knappers we're trying to locate)


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